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NEW!! Sarahriums: Introducing Terrariums by Sarah Studios

Terrariums priced in range by container:


So here are some example Terrariums.

Here we have the smallest, 

6" round, $25

5"x 7" tall bowl $30


Cube vase 6x 6x 6 - $30-$45

8" Round bowl. $35-$45


Half open slant 7" bowl $55-$65

9"half open slant bowl. $70-85

10" bowl $65-80

8" garden dish$50

6-7" glass heart- $20-30

12" bubble bowl $90-$115

Terra Cotta flat dish $45-55
(Going to paint some black)

These will be the pieces I can get all the time, if you have items you want me to use I can do that to and just subtract how much the container would have cost me. If you only want me to stick with 2 or 3 kinds or want me to research other I am willing to work with you:)

These are the once in a blue moon Terrariums, because I can only find the containers rarely. 


Here are my air plant terrariums. I get glass orbs to put them in mainly with shells and sand. Also some with rocks and moss. Some sea glass etc. Here are the images and prices for the air plant terrariums...

The prices on these include: glass orb (different shapes)
                                             One air plant
                                             Shells and misc Filler
                                             Standard chrome stand

Large round orb $37
Small round orb (w extra bottom hook) $33
Turnip orb  $35
Tear drop orb $30

Turnip orb with iron stand $55

Choose a hanging trio of orbs anywhere average $96-$100
A small collection on chrome stands, each piece includes everything you see

Tear drop orb $30

Small round orb $33

Large orb $37

Turnip orb $35

Small orb $33

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